About the Interactive Society of Nova Scotia (ISNS)

The Interactive Society of Nova Scotia (ISNS) was formed in October 2017, to advocate for interactive and video game development and foster collaboration within the industry in Nova Scotia. According to the Entertainment Software Association of Canada (ESAC), over 300 people are employed in 20 studios around the province, making it the 4th largest provincial game development industry in Canada. ISNS members are committed to the further development of the industry in Nova Scotia, hiring graduates from local Universities and Colleges, and working to promote high standards of relevant education. In addition to its advocacy and educational outreach work, the ISNS also organizes events to foster collaboration within the Nova Scotia game developer community.

Board of Directors

Jeff Cameron

ISNS President – Founder, Technical Director Alpha Dog Games

Jeff is a 20-year veteran of the video-game industry, working primarily as a software engineer. He has created games for both the indie scene and big publishers such as Microsoft, THQ, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, HBO and 2K. He began his entertainment career in the television industry as a character and FX animator, skills he utilizes at Alpha Dog along with his programming background.

Selena Landon

ISNS Vice President – HR Manager Ubisoft Halifax

Selena has been working in the Nova Scotia Arts Community for 20 years, with a career ranging from Theatre, TV, Film, Animation and Video Games. Her diverse background has allowed her to see how industries develop from the ground up and she applies this knowledge towards developing a robust and sustainable Games industry in Nova Scotia. Selena proudly works at Ubisoft Halifax as their HR Manager, where she recruits top talent, manages International mobility, immigration processes, deploys strategies for organizational and talent development, and heartily advocates for Nova Scotia and the resources we harbor here.

Hal Richman

ISNS Treasurer – COO, Blue House Energy

Hal has a Ph.D. in Political Science from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he studied how facilitation can help overcome power disparities in task-oriented groups. His undergraduate and graduate work includes studies in mathematical game theory, cybernetics and the philosophy and psychology of science. Hal has strong business planning and “startup experience”, as well as an entrepreneurial bent in a variety of technically focused industries such as software and energy efficiency.

Mark Cappello

ISNS Secretary – Background Supervisor at Copernicus Studios

Mark is a 22 year veteran of the animation and games industry, living and working in Nova Scotia since the year 2000. A traditionally trained classical animator he’s worked in all disciplines and departments at various points in his career currently serving proudly as Ubisoft Halifax’s Art Director. Mark is passionate about mentoring young talent and fostering a feeling of community in the local animation and games industry. He currently resides in Dartmouth with his family and his Habs memorabilia.

Shawn Woods

ISNS Director – Founder, Creative Director Alpha Dog Games

Shawn is an award-winning artist with nearly 20 years experience in the interactive and video games industry. Formerly an Art Director of Microsoft, Relic Entertainment and Fit Brains, his experience spans all aspects of leadership, design, development, and all platforms from PC to Console to Mobile to Web and Video Editing. He strongly advocates for ITC, the fastest growing sector in Nova Scotia, and guest speaks at schools around the province.

Darryl Wright

ISNS Director – Managing Director at Gogii Lighthouse Studios

Darryl has been a developer and leader in software and video games for over 20 years, shipping titles on multiple generations of consoles including Electronic Art's groundbreaking Ultimate Team franchise. Since returning to Nova Scotia, Darryl opened Punk Science Studios Inc. as a platform for his own creative ideas and now works as the managing director of Gogii Lighthouse Studios, the new Halifax arm of Gogii Games.

Lori Shepherd

ISNS Director – Chief Executive Officer, Creative Director, & Civil-Military Liaison at Cold Furnace Studios

Lori builds games. Lori also builds teams from the ground up, ensuring the effectiveness of the team through collaboration. Lori is Chief Executive Officer, Creative Director, & Civil-Military Liaison of Cold Furnace Studios Cold Furnace Studios. Sitting on the Executive Board of Directors with the Interactive Society of Nova Scotia, Lori advocates for the game industry in Atlantic Canada.

Jayson Hilchie

ISNS Director – President & CEO at Entertainment Software Association of Canada (ESAC)

Jayson Hilchie is President & CEO of the Entertainment Software Association of Canada, the trade association representing companies that develop, publish and distribute video games in Canada. Under his leadership, the organization has broadened its membership to include a cross section of major publishers, mobile developers and independent studios, making the association more inclusive and strengthening its voice to government.



Interactive Society of Nova Scotia
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